Aura Coaching

Positive Energy Shaping

  • Dissolve Internal Mind & Body Blockages

  • Build A Healthy Road Map

  • Open up your Abundant Life Potential

Your Guided Journey

Combines Eastern holistic knowledge with a morphogenetic German training program using an aura scan and vibrational balancing technology. Helping restore one’s bliss sensationspower and life purpose.

Mind & Body Love


Journey Pack 1:

Body Detox
Nutritional Care
Emotional Detox
Aura clearing & Balancing

Mind & Body Love

Knowledge is Power!

Your journey starts by learning about one of life’s most exciting gifts; the most superior and advanced technologies in existence. This technology is experienced through instruments specifically designed to bring about amazing experiences and sensations, and that’s your very own body!

We intuitively look at our body, examining its functions, vibrations and environment, with the intent to insure and restore optimal performance for the journey ahead.

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    Physical Fuels:

    foods, vitamins, minerals, fluids

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    Body Allergies:

    food, environment toxins.

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    Body Voltage:

    energy, blockages, immunity, vibrations

Build Your Journey


Journey Pack 2:

Energy Work

Power Work Sheet

Vibrational Aura Crystals

Conscious Detox

Your POWER Plan

Choose your energy words, these power fuels help manifest your desired lifestyle. Building vibrational codes that resonate directly into your Aura and DNA, overriding the ego.

Your driving force to achieving whatever you want.

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    Level 1 Physical Body

    _ abundance _ achieve goals _ addiction free _ business success _ eliminate procrastination _entrepreneur skills _ good work environment _ good health _ good home _ leadership skills _ letting go of the past _ money management _ overcome fear _ perfect posture _ positive attitude _ rewarding career _ safety _ stability _ stop smoking _ trust _ wealth

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    Level 2-3 Chi

    _ beauty _ charisma _ clear skin _ creative _ confidence _ courage _ devine energy _ diet _ energy _emotional control _ exercise – family happiness _ friendships _ happy _ honesty – humor _ magnetic personality _ parenting skills _ playful _ self image _ sports performance _ stress free _ weight loss       _ youthful appearance

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    Level 4-5 Spirit

    _ compassion _ forgivness _ communications _ giving _ good luck _ higher thought _ inner peace _ joy _ kindness _ love _ lower blood pressure _ miracles _ musician skills _ patience _ relationship _ sales success _ speaking publicly _ singing skills _ understanding

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    Level 6-7 Mental Body

    _ empathy _ consciousness expansion _ dreams _ empathy _ faith _ intuition _ healing _ life purpose  _ memory _ mind booster _ motivation _ organized and efficient _ physic powers _ spirituality _ think clearly _ wisdom

Visualization & Action


Journey Pack 3:

Aura Cleaning and Balancing

Energy Work

Vibrational Coding

Meditative Coding

See your True Nature

Its time to reclaim your birth right!

You’ve now got the mental & physical powers for reclaiming your bliss sensations. Old programs are dissolved. Your thoughts, ideas and body consciousness have positive shaping. Theres nothing in the way of expressing, receiving and living in your true natural code.

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    Seeing your Inner Spirituality

    Your inherited qualities: Abundance, Beauty, Personal Power, Love, Communications, Intelligence, Life Purpose

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    Listening to your Instruments:

    Build a conscious connection to the light and sounds within you.

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    Tap into the Universe:

    How to open yourself up to the continuity of universal love!

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