Hydrogen Fusion Drink PODS

A EARTHLY healing fusion.
HAND CRAFTED & customized for you.
The worlds most powerful SUPERFOOD DRINK.

FRESH – FAST cellular energy, Activates INSTANT feel good NOURISHMENT.

Designed with you in Mind… & Body

Our weekly drink Pod packages  deliver customized support for your demanding lifestyle.

Hydration Station

Your body is 70% water, what you wet your cells and body with could really change how you feel.

All our waters choices are purified using state of the art water technologies. Enjoy a tasteful water, structured just the way nature intended. Have peace of mind knowing all harmful impurities are gone.

 Waters On Tap:
Alkaline, Beauty, Hydrogen,
Mineral enhanced and Oxygenated..

Supplement Store

Our nutritional model follows closely to eastern medicine where we drink our herbs rather than popping pills (vitamins).

We value our sources, all our liquid & powdered nutrients are third party tested to insure the highest quality consumption.

This natural process of nutritional consumption creates faster effects for penetrating nutrition on a cellular level. Please visit the store to sample many of these beautiful gifts of earth.

Raw Eatables

All our foods are Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy Free, Corn Free, GMO Free, and Sugar Free.

Made fresh and available
for pick up or delivery.

Acai Bowls
Super Fruit Bowls
Protein Squares
Trail Mix
Veggie Packs

PRE ORDER NOW 801-486-1523

Cleanse - Detox

A pH Balanced Body

Natural Elements for Beauty & Balance

Chakra Balancing

Massage Beds

Aura Coaching

Red Light Skin Therapy

Health Scan


Oxygen Bar

Water Fusion Drinks

Zen Spa Package

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