Want a new hip and healthy approach to nutrition?

Get ready to feel like a kid in a candy store, with a yogurt bar approach pick your healthy liquid herbal fusions for your specific needs, from a health topic store menu or iPad, even easier just tell your nutritional bar tender how you want to feel and they will begin mixing your personal health elixir.
This is no ordinary vitamin shop where one walks isles searching over shelves with overwhelming choices of brands, quantities, quality, capsules, pressed pills, milligrams, ingredient value or allergen concerns.
At Water Fusions we make choosing your supplements easy, all are either liquid or powder form herbs superfoods and vitamins. That allow for easy body absorption, resulting in faster health benefits.

All our supplements are third party tested for quality assurance, and are free of alcohol, GMO’s, sugar, corn, gluten and dairy, all other allergen concerns as well as health topics of concern can be addressed by our knowledgeable nutritionist.

Schedule a embody health scan, this non invasive quantum medicine technology lets you listen to your body talk, helping give you insight to what and where nutritional love is needed in your body.

Water fusions complements their liquid herbal supplements with purified hydrogen water, beneficial for body pH balance, cellular oxygenation and micro-clustering factor help in transporting nutrients into the body’s cellular level.

Visit our website to browse fusion drinks and nutrients for all health topics or symptoms, also check out all of our wonderful natural beauty and balance therapy systems.

Try our raw fusion foods featuring acai bowls, fresh made granolas, trail mixes, protein bars and more.

Were excited for your visit and look forward to infusing your life with new levels of bliss sensations.

Cheers from all of us at Water Fusions!