Water Fusions H2 Benefits

Your Fusion PODS are preloaded with an active hydrogen effervescent formula. Just add purified water and active miraculous healing potential. 


A scientific breakthrough fusion blend!

The ultimate natural formula of cellular oxygenation and nutrition.

Remarkable effects after drinking just one bottle.

Groundbreaking Powerful Antioxidant

The Active Way to Optimal Health

With Water Fusions PODS just simply add your purified water and create a fusion drink with antioxidant properties stronger than any food or supplement known (up to -700mV ORP… you can measure it!). This rare property is unique to fresh, raw living foods and juices, mothers milk and natural healing waters found around the world..

As the tablet reacts in your fusion POD, millions of tiny hydrogen bubbles infuse and saturate.

This breakthrough development of adding the remarkable benefits of high-dose Molecular Hydrogen and Reductive Electron Potential (-ORP) creates the most powerful medicinal fusion juice on earth.

The Remarkable Benefits of  Molecular Hydrogen  

  • Purifies the organism
  • Fights the damages caused by the free radicals
  • Helps in reducing cellulites and wrinkles
  • Memory improvement
  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Assists in the cure of ulcers and scars
  • Helps in reducing cholesterol
  • Improvement of the blood circulation
  • Helps in reducing the levels of saturated fats
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Hydrogen gas is the smallest molecule in the universe which makes it the most readily available to your cells because it quickly and easily passes through cell walls. Molecular Hydrogen is completely free and available to serve your body’s needs.

Water Fusions H2 PODS are powerful, convenient and superior to chemical hydride formulas, magnesium hydrogen sticks, alkaline ionizers (electrolysis) and medical hydrogen gas.

Molecular Hydrogen provides negative hydrogen ions which were the original antioxidant of primordial life.

Recent research proves that Molecular Hydrogen is a powerful nutrient. More than 400 scientific publications – including 30+ human studies – show that Molecular Hydrogen is involved in nearly every area of physiology, especially at the cellular level.

Molecular Hydrogen (H2) – Essential to Life

About 3.6 billion years ago Molecular Hydrogen was an energy source for cellular life, fueling metabolic processes and providing protection from the hostile environment. Without H2, life would not exist.

Health researchers worldwide have written about H2 benefits in more than 400 research papers (animal and human studies), showing that H2 benefits nearly every facet of human physiology, especially at the cellular level.

Molecular Hydrogen (H2) – The Most Abundant Element

… in our universe! Two atoms combine to form hydrogen gas (H2), the smallest and most mobile molecule. This exclusive characteristic gives it greater cellular bioavailability than any other nutrient. H2 rapidly diffuses into cells, mitochondria and body fluids, delivering its unique and abundant benefits.


‘The miracle waters of the world’ 

There are 4 places around the world where these types of water are considered to be ‘Miracle Waters’ describes as being able to cure various diseases, these waters attract millions of people. Scientific studies point its efficiency due to great quality of active hydrogen found in these waters. however, as the active hydrogen is very unstable and its property can be lost quickly, consumers have to queue up and drink the water on the spot.

Telacote MEXICO, Lourdes FRANCE, Nordenau GERMANY, Hunza PAKISTAN



Simple and Natural Ingredients

The natural and proven H2 formula consists of a proprietary blend of magnesium, mannitol, malic and fumaric acid that act synergistically to generate H2.

Vital dietary mineral required in more than 300 enzymes used in the human body. A government study confirms that 68% of Americans are deficient.

Increases activity of the enzyme catalase, that protects cells from free-radical oxidative damage.

Malic and Fumaric Acid
Produced in the mitochondria (your cell’s batteries), reverses muscle fatigue, supports energy reserves and improves mental clarity. Fumaric acid aids ATP production, detoxification and anti-oxidation.

Free Radicals


Free radicals are molecules with no-paired electrons in their chemical structure. for this reason, free radicals attack other molecules in order to ‘steal’ electrons, and thus becoming more stable. These attacked molecules turn into free radicals that can damage or even destroys cells.






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Adding purified water to your 16oz POD naturally transform into 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1019) antioxidant, free-radical scavenging electrons, making Water Fusions the most powerful cellular oxygenated and nutrient rich drink on the market today.