Know how to release, trauma and restore happiness.

Know how to release, trauma and restore happiness.

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Signs you need an emotional detox.
If your environment feels toxic, you feel congested mentally
and you're experiencing unwanted physical pain.
The first part of your emotional detox is understanding:     


What is Epigenetic:
Your expression of genes when influenced by experiences of your environment to produce individual differences in behaviors, personality and mental health and even physical disease.      

Your DNA psychological blue-print shows past programmed beliefs of the subconscious.

Know how to create positive mental and emotional health changes to start reshaping old beliefs into new blissful sensations.

What your psychology Quantum frequency test offers you? 

A full analysis of times and definitions to three 7 year periods of life. 

Physical: Ancestral, gestration and 0-7    

Emotional: Ages 7-14

Mental: Ages 14-21

This body measurement help support: 

● Your awareness to respond to what you know and overcome learned human reactions.

● Restore inner peace with knowledge and body techniques that transforms cause and effects to your attitude, behaviors and body energy. 

● Challenge yourself with 3 levels of transformation: 

−Body Consciousness and relaxation 

−Life awareness finding your inner gems 

−Build synergy with relationships and wealth 








Knowledge is power!

The key to transformation is awareness. As we become aware of the shadow patterns at play in our life and relationships down to the deepest level, we loosen the hold that those patterns have on us. 


More about this frequency test:

Session time: 45 minutes 

Your test sample: Hands or saliva 

Your report: An evolution map and awareness guide

We recommend completing three additional testings as measurement points of your transformation and your personal guide to building new core beliefs, proven to enhance your life with ease and trust.     


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