Open up your life blueprint. Get answers to big questions to living with optimal wellness & longevity. Physical: Organ and gland vitality & nutritional deficiencies. Environmental Burdens: Microbiology, elements, compounds and toxins.  Psychological: Limiting beliefs, stressors, behaviors, and strengths. Food & Allergy: See in the minute and genetic results of foods, pollens, materials, animals & other allergens affecting your body. Knowledge is POWER! Discover your own amazing inner healing strengths.
60 Minute session with a follow up session in 30 Days.
In this 90 minute Evolved Meditation Program, learn natural healing methods inside yourself that activate happy living. A fusion of kinesiology & meditation designed to help you have the tools to combat a busy mind, stress and limiting beliefs that are robbing your joy. Classes are taught biweekly in groups up to 10 or individual, company or parties can be privately booked.      
BrainTap, within seconds relax, reboot and revitalize. Choose a 10 to 20 minute session to balance your nervous system and shield everyday stressors. Daily use will result in training your brain to work at its highest potential!
This revolutionary Color – Super Tuning Therapy activates your magnetic field. Opening the 3 major flows of chakra energy that can be blocked: ENERGETIC LEVEL, PSYCHOSOMATIC LEVEL, REGULATIVE LEVEL: Rejuvenate your body’s dis-balanced areas using COLOR, LIGHT, SOUND, WATER & VIBRATION. Get an intuitive energy read-out that helps you overcome feeling drained, negative energies and beliefs that may limit you.     
      45 Minute Session    
What allergies are burdening you with low energy, bloating and brain fog see your allergies on three levels of awareness genetically, environmentally and food burdens.    
Program yourself for success by infusing your aura and mind with healthy desires that manifest abundance, beauty, career, energy, good luck, love, wealth, weight loss and more.  An Aura Scan shows beliefs that counterbalance past programs of the subconscious. Create positive change and new becomings with information and gems that reshape matter in bliss sensations.
45 Minute Session
Quantum medicine measures your aura to resonations of geological vibrations of matter. Gain the knowledge you need to match yourself with earthy matters of balancing health & good vibrations. 
OXYGEN BAR $15 - $30
Feeling sluggish, irritable, Brain Fog?
This is how the body reacts when we don’t get enough oxygen. Get revitalized with a 15 to 30 minute oxygen bar session and see these feel good benefits:
enhanced concentration, strengthens immune system, memory, heart, calms mind, remedy for headache, migraines, hangovers and altitude discomfort.
Remove the build up of toxins that drain your energy. Your custom designed 3 or 5 day detox fusion includes: A bio resonance scan of your 5 major organs: skin, liver, kidney, pancreas and intestinal track, your toxic burdens, nutritional deficiencies. Fusion drinks are matched to your nutritional needs using holistic herbs and superfood blends to revitalize back youthful energy. Don't risk your wellness to trend cleanses, you deserve peace of mind knowing your personal needs. Consult with a mixologist to get the perfect cleanse for you.
Eliminate the guess work and save time having your meals planed for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat real foods that help manage weight, build a healthy immunity and prevent unhealthy cravings. Your meal plans are nutrient infused foods, snacks, smoothies, drinks, and supplements. Plus hydrate properly with an unlimited purified alkaline h2o pass.     
Get the essentials needed to thrive in a toxic world: Unlimited Oxygen, Alkaline h2o, Massage and Guided Meditations, a Monthly Customized Nutritional Plan & Discounted Nutrients.       


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