Origin Story...

The unique starts of a futuristic anti aging science created by a passion of making you feel good, and inspired by satellites, nature and nutrition, please follow along….  


Nutrition from my mother was the foundation to living and thinking holistically. Her nutritional care has inspired how we care for you. Mom's biggest challenge was making us enjoy healthy things. Taste and regimens can make nutrition awful. Hence my endeavors to create nutrition that has flair, flavors and abundant benefits, perfected a pure and simple nutrition. Water Fusions is a hydrating science that restores youthfulness and body balance faster and safer than capsules or eating healthy unpleasant foods. 


Nature was my playground and living in rural America gave me endless opportunities to explore, adventure and imagine. New human tendencies have us going in the opposite direction hence the 2nd inspiration of how we care for you, using earth's best holistic gifts and natural practices to restore your vibrance and feel good sensations from what you simply are, pure nature.    


Satellite TV and its healthy inspiration of technology that I was able to experience at its forefront in the 70s & 80’s. My dad, an amazing entrepreneur, would take us to install these giant antennas and after it was built we waited in awe to see a TV signal. 

My imagination and inquiry why and how a signal coming from millions of miles away could deliver us information. 

This encounter directed me further into the study of frequency in humans and all living things. Our body frequency provides (signals) measured at three areas of vitality: high, low or optimal. This is the third component to how me care for you, giving you knowledge, using a database like google but medically focused where you input your frequency and get offered a priceless data of your needs for making smarter health choices, prevention of disease and the tools that equip you with body bio hacks that can defend you from stress and toxicity.


These life signals are what helped me create the action of 30 years of nutritional education, my own self healing journey, along with a leap of faith to invest my life's saving and uproot my family from the comforts of country living to a place where we could share with more humans this life changing nourishment. 

At first the offer was like teaching a foreign language and couldn't be fully understood just like the satellite signal. Now after 9 years and a world climate of unhealthy humans and a deteriorating earth has given a new light of evolved self awareness on the importance of nourishment, knowledge and care for what we value most…..life.