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$149.95 $129.95 -13%



Sugar Detox Cleanse (Craving Control, Weight Loss)

Don't let sugar consume you with cravings, weight gain and body aches. Imagine being free from this man made chemical. Here's a Sugar Detox Trio that has all the right nutrients to help dissolve the cravings and cleanse out the toxic side effects.



3 DAY BASIC Cleanse Includes:

Bio Body Scan + 9 customized fusion drinks, taken 3X daily for 3 Days, designed to refresh and restart your body’s most worked systems.
3 DAY PREMIUM Cleanse Includes:
● Anti- Inflammatory Herbs  
● 10 Gal. Alkaline H2o 
Bath Detox 
Food Kit
5 DAY BLISS Cleanse Includes:
Deluxe +
Custom Smoothies
30 min. Massage
30 min. Oxygen
Our 3 & 5 day renewal process can be accompanied by clean raw eating.
Suggestions from our nutritional specialist can be offered as well as customization of the renewal pack to fit your specifies dietary needs.
Feedback from our clients on this 3 day renewal has been phenomenal value, feel good effects, energy, weight loss, fusions flavors and curbed appetite benefits.
Your Bio Body Scan is a non-invasive hand scan with a full analysis reading of your organs, environmental toxins and nutritional deficiencies. 
3 Day Body Renewal Fusion Superfoods, Vitamins, Minerals & Medicinal Herbs
DAY 1:
MORNING: Liquid Chlorophyl + Noni + Herbal Detox Formula
LUNCH: Spinach Appathyl + Collagen Protein + Lemon
BED: Endocrine Cleaning Blend + Aloe Vera Leaf + Vitamin C
DAY 2:
MORNING: Liquid Chlorophyl + Noni + Herbal Detox Formula
LUNCH: Garcinia Cambodia + Fiber blend + Kidney Cleanser
BED: Intestinal Cleansing Formula + Aloe Vera Leaf + Digestive Herbal Blend
DAY 3:
MORNING: Liquid Chlorophyl + Noni + Lymphatic Drainage
LUNCH: Terra Fruit & Veggie Blend + Vitamin Mix + Spirulina
BED: Bilberry Fruit + Kidney Cleanse + Hydrating Bentonite
Nutrient Blends & Formulas not listed above:
AFA Greens, Asparagus Tips, Activated Charcoal, Astragalus, Cilantro, Fennel Seed, Flax Seed, Fulvic Acid, Humic, Juniper Berries, Marshmallow, Milk Thistle, Red Clover Flower, Sarsaparilla Root, Spirulina and more in the DELUXE AND BLISS Cleanses. 

Why Our Herbal Juice Cleanse is so Effective?

  1. Traditional juice cleanses can deprive you of nourishment, spike insulin levels and if not organic can leave you more toxic.
  2. Our fusion juices are scientific herbal blends designed for working directly to detoxify and nourish your body’s big 5: kidney, liver, pancreas, skin and intestinal organs.
  3. Each herbal juice is infused into a micro clustered alkaline and hydrogen rich H2o, which delivers nutrients deep into the body’s cellular levels, for fast activation and antioxidant benefits. 
  4. All nine cleansing drinks are made fresh and can be customized to your dietary needs.

How can our cleanse-detox benefit you?

The long term effects caused by environmental toxins, stress and dense foods, wear on your internal bodily functions.

 What Are You Detoxing? 


● Food supply ● Water Supply  Household Products  Makeup & Personal Care Products

Genetically Modified Food

GMO’s Kills gut flora, cause’s leaky gut syndrome, autism, cancer, and more

Electromagnetic Pollution

Broadcasts and receiving electromagnetic switching signals, which can interfere with normal brain functions


Low level exposure can lead to digestive imbalances, blood alteration & cellular destruction.
More Toxins: Chemtrails, Heavy Metals & Plastics, Fracking, Vaccinations