Quantum medicine hand scan helps measure your vitality levels of energy to nutrients, toxins & more.

Bio∼hack Full DNA Blueprint (Wellness Body Scan)

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Tired of guessing why your energy is low, is your care provider missing something and that's why you're not getting better or what about prevention from genetic disease?

Would you not agree that human intuition, protocols, trends, and symptom assessments have imperfections?     

Tap into a breakthrough technology and listen to your body talk. Without human speculation you get the knowledge your need for living with
optimal wellness & longevity. 

Using quantum medicine, your 30 second noninvasive hand scan, followed by a 60min. wellness assessment, shows your body's information of 3 major components to maintaining optimal health: 
Physical: organs, glands & nutritional deficiencies. 
Environmental: microbiology, elements & compounds, toxins 
Psychological: limiting beliefs, stressors, behaviors, strengths 

the fourth component:
Your food and allergy scan: See in the minute & genetic results to foods, pollens, materials, animals & other allergen burdens affecting your body. 
Get a comprehensive allergy chart of percentages of tolerance from
high, medium to low. 
See underlying allergies and burdens in microscopic details not found in common blood work testing.

Knowledge is POWER! Get the enlightenment you need, discovering your own amazing inner healing powers.
About The Technology 

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