Know the foods that could shorten your life span.

Know the foods that could shorten your life span.

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Measures allergy frequencies on three levels of awareness:

Genetically - Environmental - Low Energy    

The food and allergy test shows in the minute and genetic results for:

  • Foods
  • Pollens
  • Materials
  • Animals and other allergen burdens effecting your body.  
Get a comprehensive chart showing percentages of tolerance from high, medium and low. See microscopic & underlying allergy details not found in common blood work testing.

Knowledge is POWER!
 It's the power we gain about ourselves that gives us a measurable and precise match to what works best for our balance. This science will save you time, energy and money from following trends or guessing through trial and errors.  



✅ 20, 30 or 60 pure plant fusions DNA matched to your body

✅ A daily step by step plan for drink times, diet & rest

✅ A 30 day self care pass of oxygen bar therapy & h2o



 Every living human function, down to your DNA, has a measured optimal state. Everything outside optimal is either degenerative or inflamed.  


The MARSIII medical device measures your body frequency with a sample from your hands or saliva. The testing has a 98% accuracy rate measuring body deficiency and inflammation.

With 46,000 rates of nutrients, human anatomy, toxins, microbiome, psychological factors and more, you have available to your individual nourishment needs, along with the genetic knowledge of your human design.

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What others are saying


The scan told me that I was deficient in vitamins I had been taking, I didn't realize that liquid vitamins worked so good.

Jake B

Salt Lake City


Very easy to do, and suprisingly accurate with the results. You are recommended supplements at the end of your first scan. When you take the supplements and return for the next scan I found that most of the problems noticed had disapeared or or minimized. I would highly recommend this body scan.

Marcia T.

Salt Lake City, UT


The convenience is what I love most, before Water Fusions I took handfuls of vitamins and didn't see any effects, now I drink 1 fusions a day with a few vitamins and I feel amazing. 

Katlyn R.



Probably my favorite health store in the valley. A select group of effective supplements, quality juices, great staff.


Salt Lake City, UT


I found out which nutrient deficiencies that I had, And there are some amazing correlations. I've lost over 30 pounds by filling the gaps in my nutrients.

Dan Y.

Salt Lake City, UT


I love the water fusions products! The testing helped me find two drinks that have me running again after an industrial accident on my ankle. I now I have little or no inflammation. Love Water Fusions!

Lee K.

Park City, UT


I came in because my body wasn't functioning the way it should. After 24 to 48 hours after flooding my body with all those nutients I felt like a new person. Like my body was thank you this is what i've been needing. It seemed to up lift my spirits, lift my energy levels and i felt so much better.

Alicia T.

Salt Lake City, UT