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Lions Mane Brain Support



Lion’s Mane – The Mushroom for the Brain
Hericium erinaceus (popularly known as Lion’s Mane, due to its appearance) is a type of edible mushroom found on hardwoods in North America, Asia and Europe.

This mushroom has astounding mental regenerative abilities, unlike any other mushroom. This makes it a potent nootropic for the enhancement of the mind.

It possesses the ability to stimulate the growth of neurons in the astrocytes by increasing NGF mRNA expression. In one study in particular, it found in mice that the hippocampus (our main long-term memory storehouse) was particularly influenced.
It has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine for immunity and to improve digestion.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom and the Brain:

Nerve Growth Factors (NGF), i.e. stimulates the growth of neurons
Helps repair the brain from physical damage
Helps prevent or slow age-related mental degradation
Has mood regulating effects from the NGF and other non-NGF factors
Has been shown to increase ‘curiosity’ of objects in the world in animal studies

And Many More Benefits
But this mushroom isn’t just good for the mind. Consumption of this mushroom, whether in whole form or as an extract, has been shown to potentially provide the following benefits.

Promotes cellular apoptosis
Provides a cascade of nutrients
Anti-fatigue properties
High antioxidant containing as all mushrooms are
20% protein by volume
Wound healing abilities when applied topically
Gastrointestinal protective effects

Suggested Dose: 1 to 3 tsp. per day
To gain the potential benefits, it is therefore recommended that consumption of Lion’s Mane takes place every day. The culinary use of Lion’s Mane by the Chinese shows that this is a safe habit to practice.

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