Magnesium Oil Spray Muscle Cramps

  • Magnesium Oil Spray Muscle Cramps


Magnesium Oil Spray Muscle Cramps



This topical spray combines Ancient Inland Pure Ocean Minerals “high in Magnesium Chloride” with Organic/Biodynamic Lavender Hydrosol.

No Artificial Ingredients
Product of the USA
Vegetarian/Vegan, Kosher
Lavender Hydrosol from Sophia’s Biodynamic Farm

Omica does not, nor has ever, tested on animals.

Ancient Inland Pure Ocean Mineral high in Magnesium Chloride and other naturally-occurring trace minerals, Purified Water, and Organic/Biodynamically-grown Lavender Hydrosol

Frequently Asked Questions
Sometimes I feel a tingling when I spray it on my skin
It is not unusual to feel a harmless, gentle tingling. We suggest you first apply lightly to the inside of your forearm to test your sensitivity. If you wish, dilute with water to lower the concentration.

Has this product been irradiated?
No, none of the products sold by Omica Organics have been irradiated.

Spray onto body and massage into skin for maximum absorption. Apply first lightly to inside of forearm to test sensitivity; may be diluted with water. Avoid contact with eyes, face and other sensitive areas. A gentle tingling sensation is normal. May also be added to bath or used as a foot soak.