Biological Information carried out of and into the body by using scalar waves.

Biological Information carried out of and into the body by using scalar waves.

All started when it was rather impossible to explain how 100,000 metabolic processes per second can occur in only one cell and this >30 trillion times as the human body has over 30 trillion cells. It was obvious that matter or energy alone could not trigger and control such a complex system; the energy must be so quickly (re)-structured and (re)-arranged according to an existing “information matrix”. Somehow, from somewhere, the system must receive the information necessary to lead this complex bio-engineering process. The system gets codified information and based on this is structuring the energy which helps matter to shape. Rupert Sheldrake called the complex informational matrix the morphogenetic field.

The information is extracted from the universal informational matrix using an investigative sample of a due subject, like you would call a specific website from the internet information soup by typing www…………The information is travelling and manifesting as “scalar waves”.  Nikola Tesla used the term “scalar” at the end of the last century to describe a powerful, non-electromagnetic energy (without frequencies), to which he referred as cosmic waves. The DNA works like an antenna and it has a Mobius super-coil shape (shape of digit eight), therefore DNA can hypothetically generate, receive and transmit scalar waves. All our cells contain billions of these Mobius super-coils, which generate, receive and transmit scalar waves throughout the cell and the body (cells bio-communication).

Thus we have information traveling on the informational level and instructing the energy level by using electromagnetic frequencies, like the jokey instructing his horse where to go. Finally the matter is shaping once the energy was re-informed. Most diseases are the result of energetic or informational imbalances. We can understand this in a general way if we consider that an idea or opinion (thought, belief word, numbers) is behind any action and determines it. Because the three levels (Matter, Energy, Information) are interconnected, work on the informational level directly affects and determines issues that appear on the energetic, biochemical and structural levels.  Informational balancing can be considered analogous to fixing a software bug making a small change to a batch of information (software code) to cause a larger change, thus transforming a non-working software program into a working one in seconds. Informational medicine in its manifestation as Radionics or Homeopathy is the most efficient treatment of health or mental-emotional conditions known to the mankind today. There is no esoteric or metaphysics involved in it; it is the scientific development of quantum physic, experimentally proven and mathematically calculated; it is the 25th century medicine.



Radionics is a unique healing modality in that it is a system of diagnosis and treatment geared to more than just the physical body. It may ultimately teach us the most about the nature of healing and human consciousness itself.” (Richard Gerber, M.D)

Dr. Albert Abrams, the father of Radionics discovered thatan imbalance of electrons in the cellular atoms is the cause of all disease. The term Radionics was invented by students of Abrams, by combining the two words “radiation” and “electronics”. It implies that Radionics measures a subtle ‘radiation’ with electronic instruments specifically designed for this purpose.  

Abrams’ student Ruth Drown was the first to define the Radionics instrument as a ‘modulator of the life force’. She established the concept of harmonizing an imbalance of the life force using Radionics instruments. Ruth Drowns’ fundamentally different interpretation caused her to abandon the value of the electrical resistance ‘Ohm’ which was used by Abrams after the numerical values and started calling them ‘rates’. Cancer was not anymore referred to as 50 Ohm but “rate” 50. It became clear that the phenomenon could no longer be explained by traditional physics at that time.

Ruth Drown was also the first person to use the Radionics instrument not only for diagnosis but also for therapy. She discovered that this therapy also operates over distance if a blood specimen of the patient is laid on top of the device. Her explanation of this phenomenon was that the rates are imprinted in the atmosphere and can be received by a person, so far we have the blue-print, or DNA sample of the subject to be treated. The setting of a ‘rate’ on the instrument would set up a resonance for this rate between the instrument and the patient and thus increase the person’s receiver effect.

Treatments on thousands of kilometers distance became possible as the life energy is not located in a certain place. It is all around us and spread throughout the universe. As space and time play no role, the “rate” can be instantly transmitted to the person in treatment by using symbols such as digits or signs. All human beings have a physical, an energetic and an informational, or subtle, body. Radionics targets this subtle, informational level. As in homeopathy, in a Radionics treatment information is sent to the person in treatment with the aim of equilibrating his / her subtle level and thereby the person’s body energetic level as a whole. This technique was further developed by Bruce Copen (UK) and George de la Ware. Later David Tensely integrated the Fareast “chakra concept” into Radionics.


Radionics explained:

To understand Radionics as a universal phenomenon it is necessary to look into the latest developments of quantum physics and to accept the multi-dimensional universe where matter is a condensed form of energy, which is determined by the informational matrix. Our DNA is our “biological identification code” and works like an antenna in receiving and transmitting information in the universe; we know from physics, that antennas are working with scalar waves, thus our DNA is responding to scalar waves. The energy and information carrier between DNA and any other cells of biological or inorganic nature are the bio-photons. Bio-photons are light particles, thus waves with different frequencies. Bio-photons travel in and out our bodies using the microtubules lanes. Microtubules are tubular concentric structure in which inside channel is filled with water and the two other concentric layers are formed of tubulin, which is a polymerized protein.

According to the latest developments in quantum physics also called “strings theory” and “membrane theory”, between the matter and anti-matter (twins) is located the energy level where frequencies are manifesting. On the informational level information or codes are being exchanged and on the energetic level frequencies are traded. Radionics is influencing the information equivalent to the frequencies on the energy level, therefore “rates” are considered to be “frequencies equivalents”. Information is the jokey on a horse, who determine the direction and actions, of its horse; the horse is moving and generates thus from the physics point of view sinusoidal waves (Herzian waves similar to electromagnetic waves) and this is the bioenergetic level. Techniques like bioresonance act directly on this bioenergetic level, however if the informational level is not tuned in the same direction, the healing results will be quite poor. Therefore we recommend working on the informational level (radionics) as this level is more powerful as the bioenergetics level.


Quantum radionics

With computer assisted radionics (quantum radionics) it is possible to determine the real state of a patient’s health using a DNA probe or another “blue-print” characteristic for a creature as well as for any other object, environment, business; usually this can be a picture. The Radionics equipment analyses the DNA/Blue-print sample and compares it to a pre-saved informational-energetic state of the respective organ, tissue, cells, chromosomes, microbiology, mental and emotional state, etc. The treatment is applied if a discrepancy with the recorded informational-bio-energetic status appears, The treatment is based on an informational “balancing”; the corrective information is administrated either by broadcasting or by imprinting (digitalization of information) information on a carrier like homeopathic globules, water, patches, resonant magnets, tinctures. Radionics information travels according to Tesla’s electrical energy transmission principles and technology, which he developed about 100 years ago. Bio-energetic information is transmitted thereby with a special coil over big distances without any losses. The information is transmitted instantly from A to B as time and space play no role. 

Radionic DiagnosisIn the case of automatic testing, a device is using software to analyse the results of a scan. The patient’s sample is firstly digitalized, i.e. the radiation of the patient’s sample is recorded for 10 seconds, converted into a binary number system and stored in the computer. Consequently a so-called ‘template’ is selected from a list. This ‘template’ determines which rates should be tested. This concept has the advantage of providing clear test results. The user may of course change the ‘templates’ individually or create them anew. Once the ‘template’ has been selected, a push of a button is enough to obtain the results of the particular patient in a few seconds; these results are usually shown as an over-function (means oversized, acute, inflammatory, infected and predominant Yang) versus an under-function (means deficient, chronic degenerative, predominant Yin). Alternative results can be dispatched as percentages (%) showing the importance of a rate, i.e. a 100% rate is more predominant and powerful as a 50% rate. The results are related to different Levels; levels are numbers from 1-12 and have the following significance: 1-3 means now manifested, organic, 4-6 means psychosomatic and regulative processes (bio-energetic level), 7-9 means mental, more subtle level and 10-12 means genetic, structural, inherited, general level.  These results can be stored for future control measurements and printed. Also the appropriate homoeopathic remedy or the necessary nosode and the appropriate potency can be determined within seconds.


Radionic Treatment

On the basis of the information found in the analysis, the therapist is able to compile a balancing program. This means that all values which you have tested in your diagnosis analysis as being greater than 4-6 are balanced. To do this, the corresponding rate is once again set on the device, the specimen (blood or hair) of the patient is placed in the device which is then set to ‘balance mode’. The entered information is then transferred to the patient by remote broadcasting of the patient’s specimen, by which means the corresponding information and thus bio-energetic profile of the patient is balanced. Using computer aided radionics, the balancing programs can be created directly from the assessment without having to enter the rates again. The rates lower than 4-6 are not relevant for balancing, may be automatically deleted by the program. Depending on the nature (Chronic, Acute) a balancing period may last from several minutes to as much as several months. The number of repetitions of balancing operations and the intervals between individual balancing operations also depends on the nature of the illness. Using the computer program ‘Scope 4’ and the fully automatic hardware, balancing programs can be created. Up to 400 independent patients can be balanced at the same time.

It is recommended to apply simultaneously three ways of balancing, namely a remote broadcasting (direct information broadcasting), homeopathic globules or water with 40% alcohol tinctures are acting from inside and EECS magnetic cards which transmit the information through the skin, the largest organ we have known for its bio-photons absorption capability.


Patient data bank

Patients’ data base with regard to diagnosis and different assessments as well as the balancing jobs can be stored in patient history. There is also available enough space with already existing but arbitrarily editable questions for anamnesis and for personal notes of the practitioners.


Rates data bank

For Radionic analysis MARS III offers more than 70,000 different rates:


Allergies to materials, Pollen, animal epithelia

Microbiological burdens & parasites

Flower essences (e.g. Bach flowers, Californian flowers, etc.)

Electromagnetic smog

Geopathic stress

Chromosomes & genetics


Chronic diseases

Heart & stroke

Enzymes & Hormones



Sabotage programs

Personality profile

Mental disorders

Color therapy (sound-colors and radionics combined)

Subtle anatomy (chakras, aura etc.)

Remedies of all kind (herbals, orthomolecular)

Homoeopathic remedies (more than 60000!)

Agriculture/plants (Agrionic) and environmental radionics


Cosmic and planetary influence

Food stuffs, allergies/diet

Symptoms & diseases

Organs (all)

Teeth and correlation teeth organs

Toxic overloads


In case of specific requirements that are not covered by the standard rates, you can create at your end new rates and expand thus infinitely your data bank. The new rates can be generated either by scanning new substances or by using describing wording and commends which finally are converted using isopsephy in numerical rates. thus expanding the application of the MARS III, particularly in the psychotherapeutic area. 

Electronic Homoeopathy

Due to various problems in conventional homoeopathy, both in terms of selection, production and preparation of remedies, Ruth Drown arrived at the idea of transferring the principles of radionics to homoeopathy. Thus, for example, it is very time-consuming precisely to determine the appropriate homoeopathic remedy, and is often made harder because of lack of self-awareness in patients. In the second stage, the required homoeopathic remedy is often not in stock and is not likely to be available until several days have elapsed, or not in the required potency.

Consequently, there was a search for an accurate procedure which would make it possible:

1. To test the homoeopathic remedy (in particular if several remedies were available according to the Materia Medica.
2. To reproduce (produce) the homoeopathic remedy in the form of its specific content of information

Drown’s first tests produced positive results and led to “electronic homoeopathy” or “new homoeopathy”. Thus the therapist has the opportunity of testing a similar or appropriate homoeopathic remedy (simile or similimum) and can imprint the specific informational content of this remedy himself, on a carrier substance (production). You can test a homoeopathic remedy either on the basis of a test substance or a corresponding rate. Essentially, the procedure is the same as for radionic analysis, except that instead of the rates for organs and symptoms, you refer to the rates for the homoeopathic remedy, nosode, flower essences, Schuessler salts, etc.

The great advantage of radionics by comparison with other test methods is that you do not require any test sets. All of the information which you require can be generated from rates. This gives rise to entirely new possibilities for remedies for which there had previously been no remedy providing (e.g. the period system of elements, radioactive materials and allopathic medicaments). This gives rise to fresh possibilities, particularly for diagnostic therapies.

The carrier substance employed, after separation of all original materials with no medical value, such as sugar globules, alcohol (oral), NaCl (for injections) etc. and also other material such as magnetic foil , magnetic resonant plates, imprinted patches, jewels of different materials like quartz which can record information. In transfer mode you can imprint the specific informational content of any substances on a carrier substance such as alcohol, magnetic foil, etc. with any EVP. In this context you have an arbitrary choice of variation in potencies. For example, from sulphur C200 as the starting substance, it is possible to produce sulphur X6. In the range of diagnostic therapy, and nosode therapy, this gives rise to completely new possibilities, because the carrier substance contains no physical components of the starting substance and hence, for example, no alien albumen.


Radionics advantages:

  1. Diagnosis and treatments are calculated automatically by the machine; certainly a medical education is of advantage, but there are no risks when collecting the treatment proposals directly from the machine without any additional personal judgement
  2. The diagnosis spans from traditional tests like allergy, vitamins/minerals deficiency, organs, microbiology, etc. up to very specific diagnosis like hormones and enzymes, chromosomes and genes, electrosmog and geopathic stress, mental disorders and many more.
  3. All our radionics devices give remedies out in form of: broadcasting in remote, imprinted carriers, imprinted transdermal carries, homeopathic tinctures or pellets, color and sound therapy. “Radionic Homeopathy” means the electronic manufacturing of any Homeopathic Remedy at exact Potencies within 10 seconds for each Remedy. You can easily compound remedies of all kind, you can copy any remedy whatsoever.
  4. Neither for testing or production of remedies is absolutely necessary to have an original remedy available, because the remedy can always be simulated by the corresponding informational rate.

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