A frequency is in every human function, down to your DNA. Medicine has recorded and measured all optimal levels of human design. Your frequency test measures everything outside optimal as either degenerative or inflamed   here's how:

The MARSIII medical device measures your body frequency with a sample from your hands or saliva.  The non invasive hand applicator coils use energy matched frequencies to measure all things outside of optimal. Your data analysis give four types of holistic measurements:     

1) -Deficient  or + inflamed
2) Resonating plant matches from 1 to 10 
3) Low to high percentages 50 to 100  
4) Ancestral to current day 

Based on your testing choice, instant results of information are received with a 98% accuracy rate from one of the four above measurements focused to your  health needs. Your frequency test also includes matches to 300 plant based nutrients personalized into your own supplement Water Fusions.  

The matched frequency data base offers over 46,000 rates of information from: Nutrients, human anatomy, toxins, microbiome, psychological factors and more, you have available your individual nourishment needs, along with the genetic knowledge of your human design.  

Ways to explore your genetic data  

 Want replenishment & personal direction?  


10 Body matched supplement waters 

 Want key nourishment matches and insight to food & allergy sensitivities?   


20 Body matched supplement waters 

  Want an all-inclusive understanding of your genetic make up? 


28 Body matched supplement waters

Ala carte Options: