Your own genetic matched nutrition

Finally a holistic way to understating your personal needs. Get a free bio resonance test that measures your body pains to nutritional deficiencies. 


The data you need to detox and restore optimal wellness:


Hormones, Nutrition, Organs, Microbiome, Prana


Burnout, Trauma, Memory, Addiction, Anxiety


Stress, Fear, Low energy, Bad habits


Foods, Air, Water, Electronics, Skin care products, Pets, Pollens, Materials


Nourishing your top deficiencies with matches to plant based Water Fusions.


✓ Easy once daily nutrient drink

✓ Your own designed diet plan

✓ Monthly progress reports

Foundation For Success

BODY MATCHED NOURISHMENT 100% plant based drinks tailored and fit perfectly to what you need most.

Sharing Good Vibes


The convenience is what I love most, before Water Fusions I took handfuls of vitamins and didn't see any effects, now I drink 1 fusions a day with a few vitamins and I feel amazing. 

Katlyn R.



The scan told me that I was deficient in vitamins I had been taking, I didn't realize that liquid vitamins worked so good! My next scan made me a believer!

Jake B.

Salt Lake City


Probably my favorite health store in the valley. A select group of effective supplements, quality juices, great staff.


Salt Lake City, UT


Very easy to do, and surprisingly accurate with the results. You are recommended supplements to take at the end of your first scan. When you take the supplements and then return for the next scan I found that most of the problems noticed had either disappeared or were minimized. I would highly recommend this body scan!

Marcai T.

Park City UT.


A hidden gem in sugar house! Staff is very kind and knowledgeable on their products and ingredients! If it’s your first time get the ki jing! They also have the best lobby area you could ever dream of.

Matty C.

Salt Lake City