Health care costs for gastro-intestinal diseases went over USD 145 billion alone in USA in 2015.  Every second person older than 40 years has one or multiple gastro-intestinal (GI) disorders. Gastrointestinal system (GI) is the central station to prepare the necessary nutrients and to generate enough life energy to keep the auto-regulation ongoing.

Digestive organs build the “physiological bridge” between psycho-emotional stressors and all other organs; GI organs communicate through meridians with all organs and with the encephalon; 80% of signals received in the brain are from the gut. In GI system are trapped a lot of emotions in form of gases and fluids (inflammations); therefore, we recommend to permanently cleanse your negative emotions like worries, anger, grief, disputes, psychological conflicts, which are “indigestible morsels”. Due to its complexity, it is very difficult to keep GI in a healthy state and it is recommended to evaluate and scan all GI organs once per year.

Most suitable to scan GI organs are the MAR III Quantum Medicine Scan and scanning your food and allergy burden testing every 3 months. 

Best methods to detox your GI organs is doing a Pure Beauty 1, 2, 3 or 5 day nutrient∼detox plan designed with Herbal medicines, minerals and vitamins for feeding and detoxifying these overworked organs.  

The best method to prevent GI organs disorders and to support the healing process is a correct nutrition. Convert your metabolism from a carbohydrates metabolism into an essential fatty acids (EFA) metabolism (ketogenic diet) and practice monthly several days of intermittent fasting. Every 1-2 weeks flush your colon (using coffee enema as this is also flushing your gallbladder).

Collagen is the most abundant protein and the basic building block in human body. Collagen is a semiconducting electronic network, it contains Silica as major component and silica is a semiconductive material. Acupuncture meridians are primary channels through the living matrix, enabling a high-speed communication between all cells and organs of the body. Acupuncture points are little holes in the fascia (collagen matrix).

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