Dennis Knibbe  - Sept 1. 2023

Positive beliefs can cure
disease and poverty.    

 A Quantum breakthrough is changing the subconscious belief system using frequency to match you with new beliefs, through an affirmation practice designed to override limiting beliefs that prevent you from living your dreams.

Epigenetics is the medicine your doctor didn't tell you about: Epigenetics is a field of medicine that is finally gaining recognition and acceptance on both sides of the medical community. It is a way of understanding how our bodies respond to our environment and our thoughts, and how those responses can influence the expression of our genes. This expression can affect our behavior, mental health, personality, and even physical health. Epigenetics is an important part of understanding the human body and how we can use it to prevent and treat disease. By understanding the role epigenetics plays in our lives, we can make informed decisions about our health and wellbeing.

What if you had a blueprint that provided useful knowledge to manifest your goals faster, build confidence in any area of your life, or overcome parenting trauma by restoring back missing qualities that every developing child needs?

  Changing your frequency, can change your life. While striving towards the aim of restoring new beliefs that will bring about new life experiences, one must take into account the potency of their own thoughts and the resonance they generate. You have a unique life frequency; a blueprint that, like a sound wave, emits a frequency that is perceptible to every particle within and around you. This is the essence of epigenetics, and having a belief blueprint can help to avert impediments, anxieties, and assist in living with liberation from disempowering thoughts.

How your Qunatum belief waves are measured: 
You have your own unique wavelength with messages of details of everything you know. The testing measure with scalar waves to show how you really feel on the inside, but without you having to relive your past. Your frequency is measured two ways: what you are lacking most, or what you need abundantly. You manifest nourishment from:
-Core beliefs you want.
-Any life goals now and future.
-All the self-care you need to be mentally sharp and courageous.

  How you give your frequency sample: Your frequency is everything you are, but the highest quality measurements come from a personal photo, hands or saliva. After your frequency is measured from either body or frequency, the results are 98% accurate in giving you beliefs that resonate most with your desired lifestyle choices. 

 Regarding Our Quantum Belief Database:
Epigenetic mapping provides frequency balancing of oppisites to your conditioned attitude and beliefs matching  "I am" belief statements or quotes which are meant to motivate and inspire a shift away from mental and emotionally trained  inhibitions. This transformative data with belief bio-hack create  morphogenetics, which refers to alteration and transformation. Additionally, it is an established science concerning how to modify epigenetics.

Three bio-hacks that activate your genius. 

First, you have to know more about yourself to feel better!
For example, people will visit a shaman or psychotherapist to remove undesired thoughts or explore their life's meaning. The shaman tells you your fears, and the psychotherapist calls your trauma neurosis. Both options turn you back to asking yourself. So, your Quantum Belief measurement is the information you need to evolve beyond your perceived state.

Second is your mind's new awareness to:
(beliefs, attitudes, values, etc.) all drawn from our past experiences, which are stored in the subconscious mind, below the level of conscious awareness. These subconscious beliefs create the perceptual filters through which we respond to life's challenges. Remember, at least 95% of our consciousness is subconscious! While we may be mostly unaware of their influences on us, our subconscious beliefs 'direct' our observable actions and behaviors. They form the basis for our actions and reactions to each new situation in our lives. The ability to perform effectively, both personally and professionally, is profoundly affected by such beliefs as "I am powerful", "I am competent", or "I am safe". With beliefs such as these, you can undertake challenging projects with confidence and stay focused on the task at hand. But if you have limiting beliefs, you will proceed hesitantly, fearing mistakes, criticism, and failure.
Third is acceptance the practice of contemplation allows you to accept all of your emotional information. The way you have been conditioned throughout your life, whether through parenting, peers, or even your ancestral background, has a significant influence on how you think and feel. When you take the time to contemplate what aligns with your true self and feels right, you can break the patterns of conditioned beliefs that have been subconsciously controlling you. This newfound acceptance can free your mind and help you grow and become the best version of yourself. You can finally break the loop of suffering that has been repeating itself and fully embrace your new acceptance, allowing you to evolve and thrive.

  Now it's your time to take the leap and start living your dream life. Get your frequency-matched belief statements tailored to what you want manifested in your life! Check out your life choices here.

This qunatum beleif changing resonace is inspired by the wisdom and practices of these individuals:  

 Thier life changing work continues to help us all get back to our hearts, inspires free thinkers and building the human connection.
Thank you all!    

Bruce Lipton 

Louise Hay 

Richard Rudd 

Dr. Rupert Sheldrake 

Allen Watts