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GUT + IMMUNITY Organic Smoothie Pack

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Strengthen your core power & protect your longevity. 
Five Organic Smoothies Infused with Gut & Immunity  Adaptogens.


Smoothie #1 Mellow Yellow 

Anti inflammatory and belly well fusion.  

A Divine absorption of POWER to your solar plexus chakra, feel confident and courageous being balanced in your 2nd brain (stomach).

NUTRIENTS: Pineapple, 24g Vanilla plant protein, turmeric, ginger, local honey, reishi mushroom, maca root, coconut manna almond milk and love.

Serving Size: 16 oz. Served: Cold/Smoothie

Calories: 270  Carbs: 49 Protein: 26


Smoothie #2 AM CACAO

Jump start a healthy day of digestion & good mood.  
I'm Coo Coo for CACAO!
An instant nourishing breakfast that activates the mind, nourishes the organs and supports the digestive cycle. Its chocolatey delicious!

NUTRIENTS: Almond Milk, Banana, Suma, Chlorella, Maca, 24g. Chocolate Plant Protein, Cocoa Powder, Ashwagandha, Cordyceps Mushroom, Reishi Mushroom, Vegan Probiotic, Peppermint, & Love

Serving Size: 16 oz. Serve: Cold/Smoothie
Calories: 270  Carbs: 49 Protein: 26

Smoothie #3 Orange Coconut Kush

The Amino & Antioxidant Immune Winner!

High grade antioxidant fuels strengthen and build a powerful cellular system that keeps you forever young.

NUTRIENTS: Mango, 24g. Vanilla Plant Protein, Vitamin C, CoQ10, D-Ribose, Magnesium, Tocos for Vitamin D, E, Amino Acid Blend, Coconut Manna & Love

Each Serving Size: 16 oz. Serve: Cold/Smoothie
Calories: 270  Carbs: 27  Protein: 26


Smoothie #4 Mind Over Matter 

Control Your Cravings and Nourish your Gut!

When you cant say no to sugar or other bad cravings, this smoothie fusion supports nourishment to blockout unhealthy cravings, while keeping you composed and happy. Glutamine a neurotransmitter balancer of glucose levels helps when we crash not to crave. This fusion blend also supports weight loss and essential fibers for digestive ease. 


NUTRIENTS: Coconut Milk, Glutamine, Garcinia Cambogia, Young Coconut Meat, 24G. Vanilla Plant Protein, Grape-Skin Extract, Natural Flavors ( Raspberry, Acai, Huckleberry, Blueberry) Citric Acid, Stevia Leaf Extract and Lavender.

Each Serving Size: 16oz. Served Cold/Smoothie


Smoothie #5 KI-JING

Herbal Organ Detox + Immune Boost 

Activate your Jing ( Life Force) Shen (Spirt) and Chi (Movement) when you infuse cleansing herbs into your kidney, liver and blood organs. Thrive with longevity and aphrodisiac sensations with this ancient Chinese secret.

NUTRIENTS: Almond Milk, Organic Banana, 24g. Vanilla Protein, He Shou Wu, Pine Pollen, Blue Algae, Tocos Vitamin D, E, Mulberries, Vanilla bean, Celtic sea salt & Love

Each Serving Size: 16 oz. Cold/Smoothie
Calories: 367  Carbs: 48  Protein: 24

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