An absorbent magnesium supports natural detoxing, calms restless legs, relaxes body and aids sleep.

Ionic Magnesium

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Ionic Magnesium from Mother Earth Labs is concentrated liquid magnesium in its ionic form – angstrom in size – and the form most easily and safely used by the body.

Included is our high-quality and high-concentration Fulvic providing a full complement of essential trace minerals
Many prefer a liquid form versus large hard pills
It is vegan-friendly
Getting minerals in an ionized form is how plants and animals were designed to absorb inorganic minerals (Inorganic substances, like rocks and similar matter).

Plants have the ability to make their own food. They can take inorganic minerals from the soil through their root system (the soil is partially made up of crushed rock). Then the plants change the minerals into an organic, ionized form—the form of minerals that can be used by your body. Humic and Fulvic play a key role in this process to ensure that the minerals are transported efficiently into the plant cells from the soil.

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