PARTY STARTER: Energy, Detox, Immunity

PARTY STARTER: Energy, Detox, Immunity

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B vitalized with cheer! Organic super greens raise your energy and alkaline levels, super-fruits energize cells and herbs activate your true nature. Enjoy your healing party starter.  

Health Focus: Heart, blood, veins and arteries

When: AM/Early PM Pre-Post Workout, Daily Energy Boost 

Flavor Profile: Sweet Citrus  

Nutritional Facts: 

Serving Size: 16oz.

Serve: Cold
Calories: 20
Carbs: 6




Matcha Green Tea 

Oxygen Water  9.5 

Body Energy, Antioxidant 

Cell Energy, pH Balance 




AFA Greens  

Vitamins: A-K

Guarana Seed, Ginkgo 

Mangostein, Goji, Noni  

Mac & Micro Minerals

Cell & Body Nourishment

Immunity & Energy 

Brain Energy   


Chemical & Hormone Balance

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