DNA Matches to 300+ Nutrients

Quantum: All things are energy.

Information: A measurement of nutrient deficiencies 


How Quantum technology Measures DNA and Deficiencies 

The DNA works like an antenna and it has a Mobius super-coil shape (shape of digit eight), therefore DNA can hypothetically generate, receive and transmit scalar waves. All our cells contain billions of these Mobius super-coils, which generate, receive and transmit scalar waves throughout the cell and the body (cells bio-communication). 

Thus we have information traveling on the informational level and instructing the energy level by using electromagnetic frequencies, like the jokey instructing his horse where to go. 

Quantum Response Technology: Is the most efficient DNA information for health or nutritional deficiencies known to the mankind today. There is no esoteric or metaphysics, it is the scientific development of quantum physics experimentally proven and mathematically calculated; it is the 25th century medicine.

The DNA Matched Nutrient Testing Explained: With computer assisted (Quantum Response Device) it is possible to determine the real state of a patient’s health using a DNA probe or another “blue-print” characteristic for a creature the Quantum Response equipment analyses the DNA/Blue-print sample and compares it to a pre-saved informational-energetic state of the respective cells and the nutrients to support your body needs.

With the measurements of the particular patient; these results are usually shown  as an under-function degenerative, deficient.

Reading Your Report: Alternative results can be dispatched as percentages (%) showing the importance of a rate, i.e. a 100% rate is more predominant and powerful as a 60% rate.

  • Matches to 300 plant based nutrients
  • Report of top 20 Deficiencies ⬇︎

Your DNA Vitality Test addresses

all 4 major nutrient deficiencies related to body homeostasis:

VITAMINS: Fuels the body uses under stress to rejuvenate and naturally detox away environmental toxins. 

MINERALS: Your chemical & hormonal balance depends on these mac & micro nutrients to activate vital process like digestion, brain function, metabolism and more. 

AMINO ACIDS: The body, mind and DNA essentials, for life vitality and living life with vibrant sensations. 

BODY PH LEVELS: Your inner terrain (Echo System) has to be balanced to effectively see healing results. Most humans live in a very acidic body due to stress, genetic food allergies and environmental toxins.          

Don't risk your wellness guessing your nutrients, you deserve peace of mind knowing your personal needs.