DNA Test: About Organ Energy

Quantum: All things are energy.

Information: A measurement of Inflamed or degenerative


Fact: All energy has a measurement

How Quantum technology measures DNA and Organs:

The DNA works like an antenna and it has a Mobius super-coil shape (shape of digit eight), therefore DNA can hypothetically generate, receive and transmit scalar waves. All our cells contain billions of these Mobius super-coils, which generate, receive and transmit scalar waves throughout the cell and the body (cells bio-communication). 

Thus we have information traveling on the informational level and instructing the energy level by using electromagnetic frequencies, like the jokey instructing his house where to go. 

Quantum Response Technology: Is the most efficient DNA information for health or mental-emotional conditions known to the mankind today. There is no esoteric or metaphysics, it is the scientific development of quantum physics experimentally proven and mathematically calculated; it is the 25th century medicine.

The DNA testing explained: With computer assisted (Quantum Response device) it is possible to determine the real state of a patient’s health using a DNA probe or another “blue-print” characteristic for a creature the Quantum Response equipment analyses the DNA/Blue-print sample and compares it to a pre-saved informational-energetic state of the respective organ, tissue, cells, chromosomes, microbiology, mental and emotional state, etc. 

With the measurements of the particular patient; these results are usually shown as an over-function inflammatory or under-function degenerative, deficient.

Reading Your Report: Alternative results can be dispatched as percentages (%) showing the importance of a rate, i.e. a 100% rate is more predominant and powerful as a 60% rate.