DNA Toxic Overloads

Common toxins found in the body and their effects...

The long term effects caused by environmental toxins, stress and processed foods, wear on your internal bodily functions.

 What does your DNA test looking for?  

Chemicals found in:

● Food supply

● Water Supply 

 Household Products 

 Makeup & Personal Care Products

Genetically Modified Food

GMO’s Kills gut flora, cause’s leaky gut syndrome, autism, cancer, and more

Electromagnetic Pollution

Broadcasts and receiving electromagnetic switching signals, which can interfere with normal brain functions


Low level exposure can lead to digestive imbalances, blood alteration & cellular destruction.

More Toxins: Chem-trails, Heavy Metals & Plastics, Fracking, Vaccinations

The above toxin and bad lifestyle habits also effect our body's natural MICROBIOME causing digestive and immunity issues.

Your DNA test provides insight into microbiome viruses, pathogens, bacteria and funguses.