MEDITATION BAY Relax and Revitalize

Imagine a space away from the chaos of life, where pain is forgotten and tension dissolved. It can sometimes be a challenge to find a space without noise, crowds and overstimulating technologies. Be free from it all, in the meditation bay.  

🔷Scientifically Proven Benefits of Meditation






Be Free for Free, a Community Offering, Open Daily 
Monday-Friday 10-7 Sat-Sun 12-5 

Enjoy these paid services inside the meditation bay: 

Body sculpting massage beds:

 $20 for 15 minutes
$5 for 15 minutes with fusion drink purchase
$20 Minute Light, Sound Meditative Therapy
$10 with fusion drink purchase   

Meditation Bay rules are: No speaker phones, drinks or shoes. Bluetooth headphones are available upon request.


Morning/Evening Group Classes & Schedule  


Attention to Intention (Meditative Kinesiology)

Recommended for 👤Personal 👥Groups   

About This Class: In this 90 minute Evolved Meditation program, learn natural healing methods inside yourself that activate happy living.

Kinesiology process

dynamic principles and mechanisms of movement related to human health. Mind and matter what’s real and what’s not, the techniques to rewriting mental conflicts into thought of contentment by relaxing the body and mind using brain syncing postures that stimulates a humans abilities to overcome stress or anxiety in minutes, go from 0 to 100% with

Your attitude ->

✔️Stressed to pleasured

✔️Pain to energy

✔️Lethargic to focused

✔️Negative to positive

✔️Resentment to love

Meditation process

Your relaxed and restorative teaching will condition the body to dissolve pain, tension and emotional buildup from real world pressures. In a 10 minute meditative session we destress the memory storage (astral body) and access your lower plains of awareness to repair and strengthen functions of your:


✔️Nervous system

✔️Immune system

✔️Adrenal fatigue


✔️Positive beliefs


✔️Healthy behaviors

Discover The Power in Evolved Meditation, human Living techniques that give you the power to calm and affirm true intentions.

Specializing in creating an effective and enjoyable experience.

Evolved Meditations are customized to fit the individual, group, team and company intention.

Attention to Intention (Meditative Kinesiology) benefits in the workplace 

Providing solutions for conflict resolution, team building and most importantly stress relief which benefits the health of the yourself or an employees mind and body.

Empowerment with tools to succeed A renewed mind of creativity and passion.

Your office work with your team to learn the basics and most important key points of Mindfulness techniques and de-stressing tools. this class teaches a complete basic meditation which they can recreate throughout their day.

Research related to the impact of mindfulness in the workplace:

  • 91% Reported it positively impacted the culture
  • 88% Would recommend it to a coworker
  • 66% Felt less stress or had improved stress-management capabilities
  • 63% Are better able manage themselves at work
  • 60% Reported increased focus and better decision making skills
  • 52% Are able to better manage work relationships
  • 46% Reported increased innovation and Creativity

Custom guided weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly meditation sessions are offered for individual, groups and companies up to 10 people. These classes are focused on creating a fun and engaging class for all levels. while getting the restorative and productive results desired. Our corporate programs help your employees de-stress, be present and productive.