Water Fusions

5 ALIVE Alkaline Fusion Drink

  • nutrient detox drink supports cardiovascular, circulation and heart health. Citrus berry flavor.

Water Fusions

5 ALIVE Alkaline Fusion Drink



Heart gushing LOVE nutrients to support: heart, blood, circulation veins and arteries. Your 5 quarts of blood is your life liquid. Keep up with the flow and drink 5 ALIVE.



🧬 BODY ENERGY: L arginine is converted to nitric-oxide enhancing circulation, body movement and physical energy. 

🧬 IMMUNITY: Minerals, amino acids and other ingredients that contribute to cardiovascular and immune health.

🧬 VITAMINS: K2 (contributes to bone health and facilitates calcium absorption), vitamin D3 (supports immune function, mood and bone health.

🧬 ORGAN RECOVERY: CoQ10 supports heart & skin organs with vibrant beauty.



Taste: Berry Citrus
Vibes: Endurance

NUTRIENTS: Pomegranate Juice, Lemon peel, Vitamins K2, D3, L-arginine, L Citrulline, Amino Acid blend & Love

Serving Size: 16 oz.
Served: Cold
Calories: 33
Carbs: 9