Water Fusions

BRAIN BEER Alkaline Fusion Drink

3 reviews
  • Nutrient🧬detox supports brain: memory, focus & mood. A sweet herbal plant mineral good vibe drink.

Water Fusions

BRAIN BEER Alkaline Fusion Drink

3 reviews


It’s ok, it just looks like beer! This non alcoholic beverage is packed with natural stimulating brain nutrients that help you communicate your best game, gives you mental energy and memory so you don’t forget their name.




🧬 BRAIN FOOD: Two plants help create 3 mental wellness essentials: brain oxygen, serotonin & dopamine.     

🧬 NATURAL ENERGY: B vitamins help detoxify, raise energy levels and defend off environmental stressors.

🧬 MINDFUL BALANCE: Trace minerals support chemical & hormonal function between mind and body.  

🧬 FOCUS & MOTIVATION: This plant and mineral formula taste amazing and gives you the mental & physical power to turn on success.  



Taste: Earthy Sweet
Vibes: Focus, Motivation

NURTIENTS: B Vitamins, Rhodiola, Mucuna Pruriens, Gotu Kola, Ginkgo Leaf, Ashwaganda, Goji Berry, Guarana Seed, Green Tea, Tart Cherry & Love

Serving Size: 16 oz.
Served: Cold/Hot
Calories: 10
Carbs: 3
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Annie .
United States United States
Best beer for your brain

I absolutely love this WF elixir- it’s packed with nutrition! First the rhodiola is this earthy tasting brain food , the mucuna helps my mood and the energy isn’t to much but just what you need without coffee jitters ! It’s my go to ! I stock up on this drink to make sure I have my morning “water” drink first thing !!!!

Carolina C.
United States United States
Energy and Focus

This one is definitely one of my go-tos for a mental energy boost. Coffee normally makes me feel anxious. Brain Beers make me feel awake but not jittery and energized but not anxious.

Alicia T.
United States United States
FUEL for my mind

When I need to focus and need my brain work its best, I love being able to go get a brain beer and really feel the nourishment and support to focus.