Water Fusions

BRAIN HYP. Alkaline Fusion Drink

  • Nutrient and detox fusion of brewed cacao, plant protein, plant adaptogens and healthy fats.

Water Fusions

BRAIN HYP. Alkaline Fusion Drink



A brain & soul food fusion: Let your hypothalamus make smooth talk to your adrenals for cortisol balance (Stress Relief). Now that you're relaxed, a get ready to get a fat head getting the essential fatty acids your brain needs to stay happy and healthy. We’ve added a little spice so your nice with more memory & motivation.



🧬 ANTIOXiDANTS: Cacao supports cellular strength from toxins  

🧬 RELAXATION: This cacao formula provides magnesium a calming mineral to relax your body so your mind can be creative.      

🧬 BRAIN FUNCTION: Super adaptogens help support natural boost in serotonin and dopamine that stimulates happiness and motivation.    

🧬 IMMUNE SUPPORT: Plants & mineral create natural defenses in our body to protect us from life stressors and germs from building up in our bloodstream.  



Taste: Vanilla Coconut
Vibes: Mindful, Brilliant

NUTRIENTS: Brewed Cacao Bean, Raw Organic Coconut Butter, Vanilla Bean, Reishi Mushroom, Mucuna Purines, Rhodiola, topped with Almond Milk and a dusting of Cinnamon & Love. 

Serving Size: 16 oz.
Served: Cold/Hot
Calories: 270
Carbs: 27