Water Fusions

GREEN OXYGEN: Detox, Digestion, Mood

  • GREEN OXYGEN: Detox, Digestion, Mood

Water Fusions

GREEN OXYGEN: Detox, Digestion, Mood



This earthy superfood fusion is mother earths best natural purifier. Pureness that restores ones inner body garden! Decomposes toxins, nourishing organs (Our Soul), and energizes living balance. Reclaim your body’s true nature absorbing in bliss sensations of pureness.



🧬 GREEN & CLEAN: A green drink to nourish, detox and pH balance a toxic body. 

🧬 ELIMINATION: A fusion of decomposition, breaking down years of toxic build up and supports regular bowl movements.

🧬 ORGAN LIFE: Revitalize major organs to support skin beauty, digestive ease and hormone balance.

🧬 GREEN ENERGY: Start your morning off energized, activate natural body processes for daily sensations of bliss.    


Taste: Berry with a Hint of Mint 

Vibe: Beauttiful - Glow  


NUTRIENTS: Chlorophyll, Noni Juice, Flax Seed, Astragalus, Kelp, Earth Best Vitamins, Minerals & Love

Serving Size: 16 oz.

Served: Cold

Calories: 10

Carbs: 2