GREEN OXYGEN: Detox, Digestion, Mood

GREEN OXYGEN: Detox, Digestion, Mood

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This earthy superfood fusion is mother earths best natural purifier. Pureness that restores ones inner body garden! Decomposes toxins, nourishing organs (Our Soul), and energizes living balance. Reclaim your body’s true nature absorbing in bliss sensations of pureness.   

Health Focus: Digestion, Organ Cleansing, Skin Beauty  

When: AM or PM  

Flavor Profile: Berry with a Hint of Mint 

Nutritional Facts:   

Serving Size: 16oz.   Serve Cold  Calories: 10 Carbs: 2



Oxygen Water 9.5 pH

Liquid Chlorophyll 

Noni Juice 

Trace Minerals 

Cellular Energy 

Body pH Balance 


Hormonal Balance 


Flax Seed




Milk Thistle 

healthy Fat, Lowers cholesterol 

Organ anti-Inflammatory 

Body Antioxidants 

Support nervous system

Liver cleansing 

Other Ingredients: Dandelion root, chai seed, burdock root, yacon root, ginger root, red clover flower, slippery elm bark, sage leaf, cinnamon bark, red reishi mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms maitake mushrooms. 


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