Considered fulvic the missing link to nutrition, also the golden elixir. Transform your wellness.

Humic & Fulvic The Gift From Mother Earth

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Enhances nutrient absorption, provides a full complement of up to 74+ macro, micro, and trace minerals in naturally "cell-ready" forms, and promotes extensive cellular detox. Treat yourself to the Gift from Mother Earth!

Product Highlights

  • Provides trace minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients often missing from our diets. Humic & Fulvic helps introduce these missing nutrients back into our bodies through supercharged absorption and delivery, directly into cells where they can be used.
  • Promotes a balanced gut microbiome by acting as a prebiotic fiber to feed and nourish beneficial bacteria, removing toxic chemicals from our GI tract, and reducing intestinal inflammation.
  • Supports the intestinal tight junction integrity necessary to avoid “leaky gut”.
  • Encourages cells to release toxic compounds, identifies and captures these compounds, and safely removes them from the body for a deep tissue, cellular detox.
  • Humic & Fulvic defend healthy cells by recognizing free radicals and neutralizing them on the spot.

Ingredient Highlights

  • Extracted from a private mine in an extraordinarily pristine location in Northwest New Mexico
  • Provides a naturally occurring, rich, and diverse humic and fulvic blend with an optimal trace mineral profile. In fact, the material in this location is so rich in nutrients that there is no need to combine raw materials from different source locations.
  • Processed with only purified water. No chemicals or heat are used during any part of the extraction or production process.
  • Our superior-quality Humic & Fulvic is highly electromagnetic providing energetic support practitioners have come to rely on.


  • Take with a full glass of pure, non-chlorinated water.
  • Store away from sources of direct light and heat. Do not freeze.
  • Consume within 6 months of opening.
  • Shelf life unopened is 2 years from MFD
  • Products are shipped fresh and should be consumed as soon as possible.

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