IMMUNE TAUGHTY: Cold & Flu Relief +

IMMUNE TAUGHTY: Cold & Flu Relief +

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A cold and cough remedy filled with trusted soothing nutrients that get you back feeling good and building up your immunity.

Health Focus: Immune system, Cold & Flu Relief, Respiratory & Pain Relief 

When: AM/PM Durning or before cold systems 

Flavor Profile: Sweet Lemon Mint 

Nutritional Facts:

Serving Size: 16oz.

Serve: Cold/Hot
Calories: 10
Carbs: 3




Vitamins D, C 

Oxygen Water  9.5 

Immune Strength 

Cell Energy, pH Balance 





Echinacea, Elderberry Korean Ginseng 

Minerals: Zinc, Potassium

Lemon, Peppermint

Immune Strength 

Immune Strength 

Relief, Comfort

Other Ingredients: blueberry fruit concentrate, red raspberry fruit concentrate, cranberry fruit, blackberry fruit concentrate and stevia leaf extract.


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