Water Fusions

KT Lime Aid Alkaline Fusion

  • A superfood green drink that helps alkalize and energize body pH to its natural healing state.

Water Fusions

KT Lime Aid Alkaline Fusion



Perk up your mind, body and spirit to a state of revived bliss. A green vibrant fusion powers you with the cleanest energy on earth. 

The only 7 hr. energy drink that has NO: caffeine, artificial flavors, sugar, body shakes or crash. 



🧬 Green plant medicine alkalizes body and provides hours of feel good energy.  

🧬 The KT Plant has some 31 different alkaloids benefits that include: anti- inflammatory and immunity support.

🧬 B complex vitamins support energizing body functions, stress relief and natural detoxifying process. 

🧬 Chinese herbs + minerals support hormonal & chemical balance of natural healing process and sustainable energy to physical and mental functions. 


VIBES: Mindful - Pleasure 

TASTE: Sweet Lime Citrus     

NUTRIENTS: B vitamins, lime, CoQ10, Tyrosine, White Da KT Green Maeng plant energy, 

Potassium, lycium fruit extract, schizandra fruit extract, gynostemma whole plant extract, ginger rhizome, deglycyrrhizinated licorice root extract, reishi mushroom mycelia, astragalus root extract, eleuthero root extract, ginkgo leaves extract, purified water, white grape juice, fulvic acid, trace minerals, and natural apple and cherry flavors.

Serving Size: 16oz.

Served: Cold


Carbs: 3