Fill you body with contentment! This coconut cream vegan protein smoothie with essential amino acids
Make it a smoothie bowl adding on of 4 house granolas for $3

MIND OVER MATTER Organic Smoothie

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When you cant say no to sugar or other bad cravings, this smoothie fusion supports nourishment to blockout unhealthy cravings, while keeping you composed and happy. Glutamine a neurotransmitter balancer of glucose levels helps when we crash not to crave. This fusion blend also supports weight loss and essential fibers for digestive ease. 




Vibes: Satisfaction - Happiness 

NUTRIENTS: Coconut Milk, Glutamine, Garcinia Cambogia, Young Coconut Meat, Vanilla Plant Protein, Grape-Skin Extract, Natural Flavors ( Raspberry, Acai, Huckleberry, Blueberry) Citric Acid, Stevia Leaf Extract and Lavender.

Each Serving Size: 16oz. Served Thick and Delicious 

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